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As Lafayette Band “fans-in-the-stands,” we are ambassadors for the PRIDE OF THE BLUEGRASS®, the Lafayette Band. Our actions in the stands are directly related to the hard work and PRIDE of each of our students marching on the field. When attending performances and competitions as ambassadors of the Lafayette Band, we have an opportunity to set the standard for fan behavior, just as our students have worked to set the example for performance.

Being an ambassador of the PRIDE OF THE BLUEGRASS® includes consideration and respect for the hard work and performance of others. When attending a performance, let’s keep a few key points in mind:

-Save conversations for the times between performances. Others want to hear the music.

-Being careful what you say about the performance of other bands while you are at a competition, can prevent hurting the feelings of other parents whose child has worked as hard as yours. Being appreciative of the performance of other bands will leave a lasting positive impression of the Lafayette Band.

-Always applaud a band’s performance. The students work long and hard to perfect a performance and enjoy your appreciation of their efforts.

-When attending a performance outdoors, be prepared for inclement weather with a poncho or raincoat. Umbrellas block the view of those behind you and may even be dangerous to others in the close quarters of stadium seating.

-Our students thrive on our support and look to the stands for the waving Lafayette Flags. Distribution of flags to Lafayette fans will occur at contests just before Lafayette performs.

-Wait to raise Lafayette flags and cheer for Lafayette until the previous band has completely left the field.

-When the band is set to perform, refrain from yelling a name or cheering during a quiet segment of the performance. Our students are in performance mode and are concentrating on delivering an excellent performance.

-After the performance begins, lower your flag so that everyone can see the show. When the performance ends, raise your flag until Lafayette leaves the field.

-After the Lafayette performance, flags will be collected for distribution at the next Lafayette Band performance.

-When photographing or video taping a performance, be mindful not to block the view of others. (Reminder, BOA does not permit video cameras.)

-Finally, and most importantly, attend as many performances as possible to support our students and to enjoy the show!

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